Meyer-Näkel Blauschiefer Spatbürgunder

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Who: Meyer-Näkel
Where: Ahr, Germany
What: Spatbürgunder (aka, Pinot Noir)

A tiny region, from a standout producer. A worthy alternative for Burg drinkers wanting to try something a bit left of centre.

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The Meyer-Näkel estate dates back to 1950, with the marriage of Paula Meyer and Willibald Näkel. The domaine is now in its third generation, led by their grandchildren . The enduring work over the last 70 years have truly solidified the domaine of Meyer-Näkel within the top echelon,not just of German Pinot Noir producers, but also globally. The Ahr is situated just north of 50 ° latitude, making it Germany’s Northernmost red wine area,  and with about only 550 hectares, it is also the smallest. Spatbürgunder is the German naming for Pinot Noir, and with the Meyer-Näkel approach it truly displays a world class example.

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