Clink Clink is an online wine concierge providing leading sommelier services, designed to add a touch of oomph to your drinking experience. Through multiple channels in Singapore and abroad, our team has access to an extensive range of wines and is equipped to advise you based on your drinking preferences. In addition to these bespoke offerings, you may choose to have a glimpse of the experience through our expertly curated themed bundles and accessories.

Is this a subscription-based service?

Clink Clink offers a personalised service based on your drinking preferences—every bottle we recommend is tailored specifically to your tastes. There are no strings attached and no commitment to a subscription is required. 

Though, if you are interested in a subscription-based relationship with us, we’re happy to indulge.

How does it work?


Confide in us—with just a few quick questions, we’ll be able to curate a wine list that’s just right for you and there’s no stopping until it’s perfect.


With a $600 minimum spend, we’ll scour our network of over 100 suppliers and producers. If it’s not already in our cellars, we’re prepared to traverse oceans just to track your bottle down.


All there is left to do is clink and drink! Enjoy your personal selection of bottles, delivered to your doorstep—and when the bubbles settle, let us know how we can do better for your next round.

Do you have a physical store?

Clink Clink operates online, allowing you the freedom and comfort of shopping at your own time and place—whether you’re on a couch or on the move. Sit back, sip and leave the heavy-lifting to us.

I don’t see what I want on your website, is this all that’s available?

Never judge our somms by their cellar—the bundles on our website represent just a tiny fraction of our selection. Clink Clink has access to over 100 suppliers and producers around the world, we’ll be glad to work closely with you to find out exactly what you need.


I’d love to find something interesting to drink, but I’m not sure if I can hit the minimum spend?

Sharing is caring, round up the mates and split the order—as long as there is only one delivery address and one person in charge of payment, why not?

How long will delivery take?

Clink Clink strives to have all orders delivered within 3 working days upon confirmation. If any issues arise, our team will work closely with you to keep you updated.

How can I contact Clink Clink?

Our WhatsApp line operates from Mondays to Fridays, 9.30am to 6pm—in the spirit of drinking, we’re closed on weekends and public holidays as well.

Alternatively, drop us an email at

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express.


Could you help me out for my wedding, bridal shower, birthday or maybe my dog’s bar mitzvah?

Good wine loves great parties. We are happy to help you stock up on some excellent bottles for tasting nights, recommend wine for an anniversary, or even locate a special vintage for the bride and groom.

Can I include a gift message?

Of course. Inform our team and we will make sure your message is delivered with the bottle, in a beautiful crafted card befitting the occasion.

Are you able to provide services in-person?

While most of our work is done online, we are happy to discuss in-person services or live events on a bespoke basis—including private tastings, intimate wine-themed parties, even team-bonding experiences. Feel free to discuss the possibilities with us!


Which services can my e-Gift Card be used for?

Your e-Gift Cards may be used across all our services. Have a quick taste of Clink with our expertly curated bundles, stock up on artisanal wine accessories, or get the full bespoke wine-buying experience when you speak to our sommeliers.

Is the e-Gift Card refundable or exchangeable for cash?

Unfortunately not. Just like wine, once the vintage is gone, all that can be done is to appreciate the wine—there are many ways to make use of your e-Gift Cards. Bundles, accessories or sommelier services, the world of wine is your oyster.

Mine has expired, can I get it extended?

Unlike a good bottle of age-worthy wine, your Clink Clink e-Gift Card remains valid strictly for 1 year only, inclusive of date of purchase; our sommeliers best recommendation is to consume yours immediately.

Can I use multiple gift cards on a single transaction?

Of course—more e-Gift Cards, more reason to Clink! Feel free to apply multiple e-Gift Cards during checkout.

Can I purchase an e-Gift Card of a specific value, aside from the fixed values listed?

At the moment, e-Gift Cards may only be purchased in fixed values, as listed in the options.

How can I check my card balance?

Check card balance here.